Holiday with Gandhian

      9 days Holiday with Gandhian

When your think about Gandhian you may
Know about india360 Experience.then you can
Know about how we are all  connected to
Gandhian.9 days ursavam with Gandhian

                                    The 'A' S 'Quarterly Holiday Canceled' Accordingly, the school has been ordered to conduct a school of thought for 9 days from September 23 to October 2.

                                   I would'like to enlist the help of  Thiruvannamalai People to idenify The places Where Gandhiji had visited,stayed, Movement Can be highlighted, Rare Photos,Ashramam, Families Homestays!, Bed & Breakfast units propegating the Gandhian.

                            Preferably by 30th August 2019             Thiruvannamalai Tourist information center
       k.Abirami Kumar Tour guide


All the best your 360 degree experience 



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