Far from home

  In this modern world so many communication,community,socialcommunication tools ,information technology everthing for us to communicate .but did you experienced the authentic communication that's only happen while your traveling .

Did you experience authentic communication !

Authentic communication is the key to happiness and confidence

why do I make such an overarching statement .

because what is happiness ?.

I mean

If you ask ?

ourselves what makes me happy?

it's being at peace with myself and at peace with the world around me and what it means?
in effect is if I can communicate with myself first am I in touch with Who I am ?

do I know myself have you ever asked yourself questions?


if I were to die in six months what would I do or if I had 1 million dollars what would I do or if I could do anything in the world what would that thing be if you listen with your heart .💓

mm-hmm👩 ...👨

you can understand people yes and the the gesture is the

way you look ?
the way you touch?

someone's away you. you can feel what the other person is saying and I think staying a little bit apart look observe it's very important to observe understand.

if you if it's okay to interact if you're not going to offend anyone and if you if you are careful with those things I think it's easy to communicate

A moonology city
   far from home 


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