Selfie-realizations vs self-realization

Selfie-realizations vs self-realization


Self realization is biggest process by the by not
Easy because we need to scarifi lotes ,need to be more Patients, we need Simplicity (simple -city)not smartcity


Let's come to selfie-realizations?

Just took selfie and realize what is name of the smile?
You can ask from friends using all digital platforms identified what is your smile .
Identifi your smile authenticate this is your name of the smile and integrated your smile enriching smile at Thiruvannamalai

While your smiling in "Happiness" it is called Lucky smile
While your smiling in "sad" it is called Enlightenment smile
While your smiling in "Imagination"it is imagination's smile
While your smiling in on spot it is business smile
While your smiling in Unknown is called "gullible" smile
While your smiling Knowing is called Acting smile
While Your level known smiling is presences of smile
While your Unknown level smiling is unwanted smile
While your Continually smiling  is crazy smile

While you say this is Professional smiling is playing smile

While your Simply sitting and monthly getting Smiling is lazy smiles

Your Hard work smile is Honest smile in your life .

I hope you understood.

do self realization
not selfie realizations 


Minde voice :realisation or realizations now i understood few  people did self (ie) realizations at thiruvannamalai 


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