Pongal festival 2019 in thiruvannamalai

Foreigners to get a taste of Pongal in thirumali village near thiruvannamalai|

 Thiruvannamalai | Jan 14

THIRUVANNAMALAI: The Thiruvannamalai district administration has chosen thirumalai village near Jain temple to play host to foreign tourists during the upcoming Pongal festival. The yearly event, scheduled to take place on January 14, is being organised to help the foreign tourists enjoy an authentic village celebration, according to officials.

The event has been giving unique experience not only for the foreigners, who get to celebrate the Pongal festival in a traditional way, but also to the villagers. While the villagers celebrated the festival with their friends and relatives in the past years, this year it is going to be with foreign guests.
Tourism officials said an estimated 50 foreign tourists were expected to take part in the festival in the village Domestic tourists can also join in the programme. The village has been selected after a visit made by a team of officials.This place can be reached via Arani, the nearest town. This place is located on the Arani to Polur, Thiruvannamalai Road.  Activities
1.Traditional Welcome to foreign tourist 2.Bullock cart ride.
3. Pongal preparation —offering to sun god 4.Bharathanatiyam: Renowned Artist JOLA MALINI Group (Meenakshi fine Arts,Arani )
Entertain the visitors.


On January 14 the foreigners would be taken to Tirumala . A source in the tourism department Those interested can enrol by visiting the Tourism Office in Thiruvannamalai tourist office
Mr. Abi ,Tamilnadu Tourism Guide will be accompany with you free Transport will be arranged from Ramanashramam, thiuvannamalai pick up time 7.am and drop at thiruvannamalai .The officials can also be contacted at :9789652646 (abi)Further details pl contact: Mr.D.Umasankar,District Tourists officer, Govt. of Tamilnadu Tourist office, Thiruvannamali Cell 9003195926


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