How to Find the Best thiruvannamalai Tour Guide

How to Find the Best thiruvannamalai Tour Guide

Thiruvannamalai is an amazing experience, one that not many people can say they’ve experienced. But if you are reading this, then chances are that you are thinking about it. (Mount )thiruvannamalai  is the one of the biggest mountain near temple city in Tamilnadu and overall 8th largest in the world. But despite the frightening altitude on which the highest point is located (2667fit), climbing thiruvannamalai mountains is banned .walking around the mountains not require any previous walking experience or any walking gear, such as ropes. What you will need to walking this giant of a mountain is determination, strong will, and the best tour guide to guide you to thiruvannamalai , the living experience of thiruvannamalai

We’re guessing that your will is as strong as anyone who’s previously managed to achieve this amazing accomplishment, and we’re guessing your determination is just as strong, all that is left is finding the tour guide. So for that reason, we are going to tell you how to find the best thiruvannamalai tour guide.

1. key differences

Much like choosing a hotel,traval guide, tour guides of Thiruvannamalai can be categorized into manycategories: Legend ,Myth ,People portrayed,Fact or Fiction,Etymology, Famous Works,Elements,Storylines,Evidence

Legend based tour guide:Legends are stories about real people, considered as heroes, that have been passed down generation to generation
Legend tour guide is talking about eatch century's master life. it is look like athi guru experiences

Myth based tour guide are telling stories that explains practices, beliefs, or natural phenomenon lile that experience

People portrayed tour guide are portrayed version of people and cultural experience

Fact or Fiction tour guide are Fact, but it is exaggerated explanation about the places

Storylines guide are actual cultural hero but include imaginative elements or another's forms
symbolism storyline

Evidence-based guide As the event actually happened sometime in the past, there may be evidence to support the stories for legends.mythology evidences
There are no supporting evidences available for these stories, though some stories such as Indian Mythology claim places in the stories exist.

2.    Verify The Quality

Walking  thiruvannamalai mountain is no joke, you are still climbing 14km, and there are many things that can happen to you. So for that, we recommend you always research the tour operator on his previous history with other climbers. You can find out about his climbing experience and service by checking online resources like Tripadvisor. You will have to do a lot of research on finding the best tour guide/operator because you will be putting your life into his hands, as well as your hard earned money.

3.    Verify The License

Thiruvannamalai tour guides are regulated by the Tamilnadu government, and they can issue licenses for them to offer their services to tourists. You can ask your tour guide to send you copies of these documents, as well as, any extra verification stating his validity. Make sure always to check if the license is up to date, and you can even report him if you find anything suspicious.

4.    Ease of Doing Business

The way you interact with your tour guide during the booking process can reveal how he will conduct the tour itself. There are three major areas to always asses: Responsiveness, Friendliness, and Payment Terms.

Responsiveness is one of the most important areas to look for in any tour guide company. The perfect tour guide will be open to communicating with you through multiple channels like phone, email, etc. And the fast response is ideal as it shows how professional they are.


Another important area is to determine how friendly the tour guide is with you and the groups they’ve managed. The payment terms are also important. Some tour guides may require a costly bank wire transfer, and that is not the ideal payment option for you. . The preferred payment option should remain via a credit card or PayPal transfer.

If your tour guide meets all the above criteria, then you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made the right choice with the right guide

So a guide should touch the all the above aspects in thiruvannamalai 


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