Thiruvannamalai jain festivals

I went that event.that event was completely new
To all by the by so much rich event.big hall/Ac,
Grande Entrence,elephant,horse,
And big crowded .

That 2 girl's(who is gooing took sanyasi) thay are simply sitting on the stage. That events was started at 10:30am so many people continuously wishing to Jain community's and people .

Then suddenly some one (business boss)he spoked fully in English. Then continuing that events .Affter longe time as i am searched whear to sit to see the whole events .Finaly found upper stages .not yet get any chairs. Suddenly i shocked 2 woman look like daughter's and mother look like sanyasi .then i took one photo .Affter thay are moving that place into new places .

We are waiting when  both girls are going to speak in stages but it is never happend .
In Mick near clearly   mention every one should only speaks to 3 minutes only.affter 10 minites
I don't what happend i am so busy at my fb.

Suddenly people are waking on the food hall
Then i understand ohh.thay are opened gate
By the by at mornings am i not eated anything's
Me allso joined the crowded started to eat the food.i hope more then 15 item's ,4 Buffy systems
We enjoyed with food.

Affter i scard to see jain people (some woman's are so fat)and refreshing Come back to the stage and prepared for to give small gift  (thiruvannamalai tour map book plus 100 rs money is hidden )when i was given to him
Thay are not accepting anything's.

        Then i told i am tour guide this is small gifts .She father are looking at me and smiled .by the by so many people same time thay are took Photos with him.finally most of people went out from the hall.

she family's memember are reddy to took groups photo's grand father was crying Inner Side with confident finally with nationality songes the event was finished.i don't know what to do?

          suddenly she family's Memeory is surrounded that area with both's child wood photo's then my Memeory was full and moved from manadapam to temple and declare
                "Jainism is real experience it"

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