How to get Noc certificate ?

  1. I have just try to explain  the information i had mentioning about the guidelines for getting the NOC getting the (no objection certificate )for tour guide licience renewal .
  2. You will be required to get a police certificate from your area that the your  is not met with any  criminal activity .

Hear the following  ways 

If your districts is not big - municipality means got it  simple just go ask near your permanent address proof area the sup inspector has rights to give certificate 

If your big-municipality area means it is big process 

Step 1:try to get letter from your content deparment recomend to Noc certificate .

Step2:Go and meet the your sp office in your district (Headquarter ).

Step 3:write your requesting letter for noc.

Step4:submit your address  proof and photo and addhar card,

Step5:thay will informe to you how much ruppes  is to pay for goverment (DD amount 3000rs)

Step6:It is forward to your near police station and thay are examine you 

Step7:It is will be again forwards to S office and finnaly thay are given no objection certificate 

The following picture may guide you 


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