A day in Karthikai deepam

Karthikai Deepam festival venue the following safety and comfort are arranged by tamilnadu goverment. 

South Asia festival 

Thiruvannamalai Town Entry points is 9

Temporary bus stops : 4

Proper lighting and uninterrupted power supply.

Emergency Medical facilities for devotees.

Shelters on roads

Mobile toilets

Three UAVs

internet supported monitoring of the crowd,

15,000 Police

Thiruvannmalai Districts population:2,464,875

Arrival people is :2,464875

Town’s population :1,50,000

CCTV Cameras arterial places :56 places

Watch tower is :23 places

Special bus :24000

200 CCTV cameras with face taggar Technology


We can't run and hide


The sounds of Arunachalam

The light of Arunachalam



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