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Most of Malaysia's near 32 million people are practicing Muslim cultural,but the country also has around two 2 million ethnic Indians are practicing Tamil cultural and nearly seven 7 million ethnic Chinese are practicing Buddha's


As per Tamil cultural if the city was well growth in all aspects we are all cellbrate temple renovations. If it is spring time means colour full painting over the place or temple or religious temple. This is the tamil people cultural (temple management committee that's was did that


The Malaysia cultuaral department are givined warning letter the temple management committee.because failing to seek permission to paint the steps.totally 272 steps

After Minister chik

Minister Muhammad Bakhtiar was "very disappointed" and says the colour disturbed the harmony, integrity and originality of Batu Caves"

Tamil cultural is allready enough to integrity and authentication now we are moving to responsibility on tamil cultural and enrching Tamil cultural that's we needed .To initiate the responsibility and enriching Tamil cultural
Colur painting is must in Malaysia

So please consider the situation .and react as a Mature level

This answer may be suitable to the Honourable Minister Muhammad Bakhtiaron cultural Department


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