The cultural event in thiruvannamali

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The cultural event in thiruvannamali
Two-day celebration at Thiruvannamalai

Thiruvannamalai Andal Singar Velu will be celebrated on the 21st and 22nd of the 28th Conference of Archaeological Association of SriLankan and Historical Scholarship Group, In this case,

Hon'ble Minister for Tamil Development, Tamil Culture and Archeology Pandiyarajan, Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs, Hon'ble Minister Sivar S. Ramachandran, High Court Justice Dr. Krishnakaran and the Director of Archeology Mr. Nagarajan IAS They,
District Collector KS Kandasamy, Mr. Chandy, IAS (PN) and many officials, scholars and academics have visited the event.

1. Document 29 Issue Issue
2 New Books Release,
3. History of Tiruvannamalai District
4 ,. Thiruvannamalai District Historical Research Center website,
5. The tip of the history of Tiruvannamalai district,
6. A booklet on the historical places of Tiruvannamalai will be released.
Apart from this
1. Photo exhibition on the historic locations of Tiruvannamalai district,
Archeological exhibition exhibition
2. Book Fair.

Welcome to everyone. Welcome ..


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