Digitalmarketing vs traditional marketing

My sales experience is Traditional marketing but my job & sales force Demands digital marketing skill.
See most of people are always asking to me? why your always on internet or always on mobile phone.
The internet is modern world  .if your not available on internet more then 1 or 2 weeks in     facebook,YouTube,twitter,..etc.people say your died .my job & sales force demand digital marketing skill
Because we are egarly waiting to see all the people buying most of product in online .another shoping Experience levelor another cultural life.
Facebook,Youtube ,twitter ...etc all are created only for selling product thats very important .
Working in digitalmarketer as how  perfectly we do online campagine ,targeting audience in every steps.
When your doing traditional marketing 
!.No targeting audience
2.big budget
3.No postel
4.No interaction to audiences
5)No measurements
When your doing Digital marketing
1)you can target audience
2)fix your budget
4)interaction to audience
So many company first sale the product in digital world and they are converting to digital platforms .now....people directly sale the product in digital platforms .
Creating interaction with audience in to the product then true sense of earlest sales.suppose your posting on adds in digital platforms 30% to 40 % audience veary intensively watching your product
When your doing on line campaigns. your Thayer  in eatch and every moment of products.when  your creating interaction to audience the moment your immersioned in Digital world
Digital marketing is going dynamic methods .thats increase the action beetween Digitalmarketing and client
Theare are lots of method displaying product in digital platforms ,animation videos,graphics video's ,3d video so the client are enjoying the visual effect of the product .so client are excited to see the product in clouse to the face.
When i was imagine first campaigns in online .i am going to do campaigns in online.i am repetaly imagined .            thats i don’t know how many times i am imagined thats.
I am appreciate all the digital platform's in once agine because it is mesmerized
“digiralmarketing is more more then selling the product in online. it is experience”. That's experience only tapped in digital marketer and clients
As per India Traditional marketers are experience to do in  Digital Marketing in most of small company's
So i am waiting to see my online campaigns experience. it is not less then any other world marketing level strategies ,
I hope 2017 digital marketing skill is encourage lots of Traditional marketer to  digital marketer's .By the By lots of shops are converted in to online business .I hope it is happen.

Abirami kumar
Traditional marketing vs digital marketing


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