Chitra pournami

Chitra Pournami 2017Check Gowri Panchangam for Chitra Pournami10 th
May 2017
( Wednesday )

Chitra Pournami

Even though the full moon or the Pournami happens once a month or sometimes twice a month, it is the full moon or Pournami, which falls on the month of Chaitra or Chithirai that is of considerable significance. It is said that taking part in Girivalam, visiting temples and other holy places and performing aradhanai during Chitra pournami, brings diving blessings to the family.

It is on Chitra Pournami that Chitra guptan, the accountant of Lord Yama, got married. Doing holy deeds on the day of Chitra Pournami is a way of telling him, to consider the small good things that we do on this day as large and the larger sins that we commit as smaller in his account.

Do you think thiruvannamalai is just storey based temple??

Do you think thiruvannamalay only mythlogic temple??

Thiruvannamalai temple is not just storey based temple

This philosophy based temple

The philosphy is explained on while "karthikai deepam"

This is fully based on expressing "your idetification"

Tamilnadu arunachalam welcomes you
"living without worries"
A visitor guide at thiruvannamalai temple.
Abirami kumar
Thiruvannamalai temple guide


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